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Not just a Coach Certification

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A Coach Training Program at EmpowerMind is a bumpy road full of frustrations, obstacles and out-of-comfort zone experiences. It is a life changing experience, and without doubt, one of the best things I have ever done.

Jump, and see if you can fly…

Enrolling with the Coach Training Program at EmpowerMind is like climbing Mont Everest without equipment, like throwing yourself out of an airplane with no instructions …or parachute.

They will give you no books, no theories to cling to before jumping into practice – nothing that can ease the mind of an academic used to navigate and learn by books. They will though, feed you coaching-tools, demonstrate them live, and then push you out of your safe nest and make you try them on your own. They will make you practice on REAL people, from day one!

It’s learning by doing – the most efficient, educative and absolute anxiety-triggering way to learn. It works. You learn from your experience, learn from your failures and mistake, you will grow with the practice and get familiar and confident with the coaching tools. You will become a coach from day one making you 100% ready to coach professionally at the end of the Program.

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Some of the best trainers in the world…

…they say.

They forgot to tell us, that they also are the most frustrating, annoying… bordering to provocative trainers in the world. And they do it completely deliberately.
They will answer none of your questions. None. Nada. Niet. Zip!

They say that frustration makes you grow and learn. They say, that if they answered our questions, they would bereave us our learning. Frustration is a part of the learning process – and as frustrating as it is, it works!

The Master Coaches at EmpowerMind have developed their own training and teaching methodology. And, as scary as it has been all along the way through the Training Program, I must admit that I have learn more in the short time I have spent at EmpowerMind than in my seven years at the University. Memorizing theories and solving fictive case just hasn’t the same educative impact than training and practicing in real life – at least when it comes to coaching.

They have a unique ability to use the dynamic and diversity of your training group. The ability to create a safe environment, where failure and mistakes are more than welcome, as they lead to reflection and learning. They will force you to answer your own questions, they will push you out of your comfort zone. And if you fail or fall, they will applause and praise your learning. You will love them!

mastercoaches empowermind
Meet the Master Trainers – some of the best, and definitely the most frustrating in the world!

I was stupid until I wasn´t

‘How can you be related to your sister, when she is so clever and you are so stupid?!!’ She yelled at me – my fourth-grade teacher. That was the day I became stupid.
I did poorly in school from that day on - why bother trying? I was stupid. When I did good in a test I was accused of cheating.

Somehow, I got a master from the University. I also got a job afterwards in Marketing. But all along my career I felt like a bluff. Thinking someone else could do this job much better – you´re stupid remember. At one point I got IQ tested for a new job – my IQ showed to be over average among academics, a lucky punch I thought...

The good news… or bad…actually: I´m not alone! Studies show, that 70 percent of all people fear one day being revealed as inept. The great news it that it is just a conviction. We are not stupid. We are not bad at our jobs, or inept. We just think we are. Along the way this conviction has grown on us – it is a self-made obstacle.

That we learned at EmpowerMind. Many convictions were swept aside – our own in the group and our guinea pigs’ (the people we trained our coaching skills on). And that was the day I decided not to think of myself as stupid anymore.

Everybody should learn, what we did…

The conviction tool was just one of many really powerful coaching tools, that we learned to master. We trained them in the group – on ourselves and on our guinea pigs. The personal development, transformation and growth we all experienced was inevitable and surprising. A really great side effect of the Coach Training Program.

I though all along the way ‘You should have known this!’ ‘You should have known this from the beginning – when you were young!’ ‘Everybody should learn this in school, to get the most out of your life!’ During the program it was like finally getting a sort of Manual to life. A compass to guide you and help you find the right passes in life, for yourself and to help others do the same.

direction sign

You not only get the absolute best coaching tools for you to use in your professional life, you will also sharpen your communication, mediation and presentation skills. You will become a greater listener and you will get valuable knowledge about human psychology. You will as a result become a greater leader, a better parent, a better partner and friend – a better you.

And now you may think: Is this for real? Are you on something? …Do I get payed for saying this?
Nope! Nada. Niet. I am just 100% honest, full of gratitude and so very happy to have walked EmpowerMind’s bumpy road scattered with frustrations.

EmpowerMind has Coach Training Program in English – read more

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