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Do you want to unfold your full potential personally and professionally, enhance your quality of life and help others to do the same? Then our Coach Training Program with internationally recognized certification, might be just what you are looking for.

 For more than a decade, EmpowerMind has certified thousands of coaches throughout the World. Our Coach Training Program is conducted according to the high Standards of ICI (International Association of Coaching Institutes) and offered both in Danish and in English.

Our Coach Certification Programs are all based on a powerful combination of evidence theories and coaching practice. This ensures our certified coaches strong coaching competencies that can be used professionally both towards individuals and in organizations.

All our classes are taught by our Master Coach Trainers. They are among the best in the world and will be your guidance and support all along your journey at EmpowerMind.

So, if you are looking for personal development and coaching skills at the highest level in your current or future role as; Leader, Psychologist, Teacher, Consultant, Parent or Self-employed, then the ICI Coach Training Program might just be it for you.

Find dates for next start and enrolment

At the moment we have no sceduled trainings, but please send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will inform You about the next available training.

Before enrolling the program, please note, that we conduct mandatory screening interviews with all candidates. This to ensure that we are the right match.

Want to learn more about us?

We will be pleased to welcome you at our monthly inspiration evening!

Learn more about our ICI Coach Training Programs and meet the Master Coaches. We will inform your thoroughly about our programs and answer all the questions you might have about us and the ICI Coach Training Programs at EmpowerMind – its free and in English off course!
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  • 14 intensive learning and training days, from 9 am to 18 pm
  • 4 supervision meetings
  • Your own personal ICI coach at your disposal during the entire program
  • A volunteer, that you can coach to help you train your skills
  • 30 Coaching sessions
  • Classes of minimum 6 participants
  • A mandatory screening interview before enrolling the program
  • A written and an oral examination
  • Guaranteed personal development
  • A new and inspiring network
  • A ICI certification diploma which entitles you to the ICI Coach title
  • Membership of both ICI and EMP alumni
  • EMP accreditation points equivalent of ECTS points that leads to a Master
  • Light and pleasant teaching environment and delicious lunches and treats

The Coach Training Program (level 1 & 2) includes 6 modules counting 14 learning and training days. Between each module, there will enough time for you to practice your coaching skills and train the given tools. Please find more information about the modules here:

The Coach Training Program is developed to ensure you a solid practical experience, that will make you ready and prepared to coach professionally right after your certification.


  • To navigate intuitively and confidently in all of the phases of coaching
  • To choose and use specific coaching tools and models
  • To create effective plans of action
  • To ask powerful questions that enables changes
  • To listen to others actively and effectively
  • To be conscious on higher levels
  • To make goals and values visible
  • To level up customers, employees, colleagues or family members through trust
  • To design and execute a coaching session
  • To coach ethically and professionally correct
  • To understand your impact on others and overcome obstacles
  • To challenge your niceness and getting to know your own limits
  • To support people in overcoming blockages on their way to success
  • To create the greatest positive effect with a minimum of effort
  • To give effective tasks that will create both insight and learning for others

Your Master Trainers

Your guarantee of a world-class Coach Training Program lies within the competencies and skills of our Master Trainers. At EmpowerMind all classes are held by Master Coaches only. A Master Coach level is the highest coach certification level possible in Denmark.

Theoretical foundation

The Coach Training Programs at EmpowerMind are all based on systemic thinking, positive psychology, social constructivism and metacognitive theory. All training programs are conducted after the PITAL method, a experiential process-oriented learning method developed by Master Coach and MoPP, Jørgen Svenstrup.

Satisfaction guarantee

It is of greatest importance for us at EmpowerMind to offer you a Coach Training Program of the absolute highest quality, that will enable you to master the art of coaching professionally directly after the certification. If you at the end of the Program are not satisfied with the outcome, we will give you a money refund.

Mandatory Screening interview

As soon as you sign up for a Coach Training Program, you will be invited to a screening interview. The purpose of the interview is to ensure mutual agreement on what to expect during the program and your readiness to start up your personal development journey. Your registration is not binding until after the completion of the screening interview.15 participants maximum

To ensure the optimal learning conditions, discussion forum, support and attention during the Training Program we have set a limit of maximum 15 participants per Training Group.

We also ensure you time and place for practical learning as well as a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Quality assurance

Our greatest quality mark is the testimonials from former participants. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to speak to a certified ICI Coach. We will be pleased to help you with a contact, that can answer your questions about us and our Training Program.

ICI Certification

EmpowerMind has the exclusive rights to the international ICI-Certification in Denmark. The ICI Certification is your guarantee of coaching tools and skills of highest level. In addition, all our Training Programs are approved, validated and quality tested by the international organization Human Coaching Network. HCN has very high criteria regarding communication, training and facilitation in coaching programs.

Level 1 & 2: DKK 42.500,- (53.125,- Incl. VAT) SAVE 11.000,- by purchasing both Levels 1 & 2

Level 1: DKK 28.900,- (36.125,- Incl. VAT)

Level 2: DKK 24.600,- (30.750,- Incl. VAT)


Your organization will gain an employee who has:

  • The ability of building strong internal and external relations
  • Gained increased clout
  • Developed strong communication skills
  • Increased self-awareness and his/her impact on others
  • The ability to stay in constant development
  • The ability to create greater results
  • The ability to work values-based


Furthermore, the Training Program (Level 1 & 2) involves the following mandatory elements:

  • A screening interview
  • A minimum of 30 coaching sessions, that must be registered
  • Knowledge sharing meetings with supervision in between each module – 5 meetings in total
  • Being coached by an ICI certified coach minimum 4 times
  • Elaboration of a smaller written assignment

Overview of the Training Programs of EmpowerMind

If you are looking for coaching skills with impact on your resume and your personal development, then we highly recommend you the ICI Advanced Level Coach Training. When completing the Advanced level (Level 1 and 2), you will obtain an International ICI Coach Certification and an International Management Certification.


Level 1

Fundamental level

You get a thorough insight into the coaching way and lots of practical experience with conducting a coaching conversation. You initiate your own development process and learn a series of specific coaching tools. Programme 7 learning days (hours 9-18) split over 3 modules over 3 months (3+2+2 days) Admission requirements Mandatory screening interview Readiness for personal changes
Level 2

Advanced level

You obtain a certification as professional coach valid in the whole world. You learn to master the coaching-based leadership and develop skills to act in a coaching way both towards individuals and organisations. You continue your personal development process and expand your consciousness about yourself and your impact on others. Programme 7 learning days (hours 9-18) split over 3 modules over 3 months (3+2+2 days) Admission requirements Completion of level 1 (fundamental level) or equivalent