ICI Coach Education

EmpowerMind has for more than 10 years certified hundreds of coaches around the World according to the high Standards of ICI. We proudly offer a coach education in English as one of few in Denmark.

Our educations are built on evidence-based theories and solid practical coaching experience, to ensure that you gain professional competencies to act in a coaching way in all aspects both with individuals and organisations. Our trainers are among the best in the world and they are with you all the way. Please note that we conduct mandatory screening interviews before final confirmation of your participation.

The ICI Coach Education is for you when you are looking for personal development and coaching skills at the highest level in your current or future role as; Leader, Psychologist, Teacher, Consultant, Parent or Self-employed.

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  • 14 intensive learning and training days, in hour cozy rooms between hours 9-18
  • 4 supervision meetings
  • Your own personal ICI coach through the entire programme
  • A focus person you can practice your coaching skills on
  • 30 Coaching sessions per class
  • Min. 6 participants
  • Mandatory screening interview before education starts
  • Written and oral examination
  • Guaranteed personal development
  • Inspiring network for life
  • ICI certification with license to call yourself ICI Coach
  • Membership of both ICI and EMP alumni
  • EMP points equivalent of ECTS points that leads to a Master
  • Healthy and delicious meals

The entire Coach education (levels 1 & 2) are based on 6 modules distributed on 14 learning and training days. The 6 modules are distributed so that you get time to practice your coaching in between. You can read more about the modules here:

You get an education that ensures a solid practical experience, so you are ready to coach professionally after the certification.


  • To navigate intuitive and confident in all of the phases of coachingr
  • To choose and apply specific coaching tools and models
  • To create impactful action plans
  • To ask powerful questions to enable changes
  • To listen actively and effectively
  • To be conscious on a high level
  • To make objectives and values visible
  • To levitate customers, employees, colleagues or family members through trust
  • To design and execute a coaching session
  • To coach ethically
  • To understand how you impact others and change what is not working
  • To challenge your niceness and know the limit
  • To support people in removing impediments that are blocking their success
  • To create the greatest positive effect with minimum effort
  • To hand out effective tasks that creates insight and learning for others

Your trainers

The most important factor when it comes to the quality of a coaching education is your trainer’s competencies. At EmpowerMIND you are guaranteed training by one of our three Master Coach Trainers during the entire education. Master Coach Trainer is the highest trainer certification in Denmark.

Theoretical foundation

he coach educations offered by EmpowerMIND are all based on systemic thinking, positive psychology, social constructivism and metacognitive theory. All of our educations are based on PITAL, which is a process oriented experiential learning method developed by Jørgen Svenstrup.

Satisfaction guarantee

It is a point of honour for us to ensure that you get a coach education of high quality, that you can use in your professional life afterwards. We offer a unique satisfaction guarantee, where you get your money refunded if you’re not satisfied.

Mandatory Screening interview

When you have signed up for the education you are summoned for a screening interview before the education starts. The interview is to ensure mutual agreement on what to expect during the education and your readiness to start up your personal development journey. Your registration is not binding until after the completion of the screening interview.

15 participants maximum

To ensure the optimal sparring, support and attention during the education we ensure a maximum of 15 participants per run. Besides that, you are also ensured time and space for practical learning and a trusting learning environment.

Quality assurance

Our greatest quality assurance is given by our former participants. You are welcome to contact us to try and reach out to one of the former participants, who can provide an honest and individual assessment of our educations.

ICI Certification

EmpowerMind are exclusive providers of the international ICI-Certification. That means that you are taking an education that gives you coaching skills of the highest level. In addition, the education is quality assured by HCN, an international organization that has high demands when it comes to communication, learning and facilitation of the coach education

Level 1 & 2: DKK 42.500,- (53.125,- Incl. VAT) SAVE 11.000,- by purchasing both Levels 1 & 2

Level 1: DKK 28.900,- (36.125,- Incl. VAT)

Level 2: DKK 24.600,- (30.750,- Incl. VAT)


Your organisation is enriched by a person who has:

  • Increased ability to create strong relations
  • Increased impact on others
  • Strong communication skills
  • Increased awareness about oneself and the impact on others
  • The ability to constantly develop
  • The ability to create better results
  • The ability to work value based


Furthermore, the education (Level 1 & 2) contains the following mandatory elements:

  • Screening interview
  • Minimum 30 coaching sessions, that must be logged
  • Knwledge sharing meetings with supervision between each module – a total of 5 meetings
  • Being coached by an ICI certified coach minimum 4 times
  • Preparation of a smaller written assignment

Overview of EmpowerMind Educations

If you want coaching skills that is directly impacting your resume and your personal development, then it is our recommendation that you complete the ICI Coach Education Advanced Level. Upon completion of Advanced level (containing both levels 1 and 2), you will have an International ICI Coach Certification and an International Management Certification


Niveau 1

Fundamental level

You get a thorough insight into the coaching way and lots of practical experience with conducting a coaching conversation. You initiate your own development process and learn a series of specific coaching tools. Programme 7 learning days (hours 9-18) split over 3 modules over 3 months (3+2+2 days) Admission requirements Mandatory screening interview Readiness for personal changes
Niveau 2

Advanced level

You obtain a certification as professional coach valid in the whole world. You learn to master the coaching-based leadership and develop skills to act in a coaching way both towards individuals and organisations. You continue your personal development process and expand your consciousness about yourself and your impact on others. Programme 7 learning days (hours 9-18) split over 3 modules over 3 months (3+2+2 days) Admission requirements Completion of level 1 (fundamental level) or equivalent


The content of the education


For several reasons we have deliberately chosen not to present an entire agenda for the ICI Coach education.
First and foremost, regardless if you are a coach or a coaching leader you need to be able to work in a field of loss of control, since an assumption could be that control is standing in the way of true coaching. The education is designed to create an environment of exactly that.
On top of that, the education follows the life of the specific run, meaning that we work with what is most important to work with at any given time to best address the development of the group and the individuals. So, the education follows the foundation of coaching.
Below is headlines and themes that we have covered during the past ten years of educations. We might even have completed runs that looked exactly like this 

The content of level 1 might include the following themes

Modul 1
•    Exploration of coaching from an individual perspective
•    Exploration of coaching as a term
•    Exploration of the present
•    Definition, qualification and practice in objective setting
•    Design of the future in short and long-term and in theory and practice
•    The genetics of a question and practice in the use of powerful questions
•    The art of listening REALLY listen and active listening
•    Designing effectful action plans both short and long-term perspective
•    Identification and handling of beliefs as crucial resources and barriers
•    Emotional barriers and resources
•    Association and dissociation as a method
•    AND a lot of practice, testing, feedback and reflections
Modul 2
•    How to design the optimal first session
•    Design and strategy for tasks and handling in a coaching way the ones that are not completed
•    Definition, qualification and practice in Rapport as a prerequisite for coaching
•    Practice in representational systems and psychogeographical perspectives
•    Exploration of prerequisites and limits of coaching
•    Definition, qualification and practice in lifting point principle
•    AND a lot of practice, testing, feedback and reflections

Modul 3
•    Exploration and training in motivation and commitment
•    Introduction to models for the different phases of coaching and their limitations AND:
o    A model to handle unconscious patterns
o    A model to identify incongruity
o     A model to explore and handle own mental condition
•    AND a lot of practice, testing, feedback and reflections


The content of level 2 might include the following themes


Modul 4
•    Exploration of coaching in a organisational perspective
•    How to create maximum change in one session
•    Strategic coaching
•    Development, qualification and practice of intuition
•    Exploration of change of perspective and the application thereof
•    Differences between intent and behavior
•    Handling of habits
•    Handling of human in transition
•    Handling of fear and mental blockage – your own and others’
•    Development of your own coaching style
•    Emotional hijacking and handling of the signals
•    Definition, qualification and practice in giving feedback as a crucial coaching skill
•    Timing of intervention for maximum outcome
•    AND a lot of practice, testing, feedback and reflections

Modul 5
•    Definition and exploration of the responsibility and influence of the coach
•    Optimisation of coaching competencies, such as: celebration, tasking, Sharing observation, hypothesis, own mental condition, challenge, listen, ask questions, summarise, cheer, rapport etc.
•    The boundaries of coaching and the coach
•    Model to handle habits
•    Identification and exploration of the beliefs of the coach
•    Identification, qualification and practice in internal dialogues
•    Coaching of teams, people suffering from stress and others with special considerations
•    AND a lot of practice, testing, feedback and reflections
Modul 6
•    The ethical guidelines and competencies of coaching
•    Design of a coaching course
•    Model to create overview
•    Model to explore and handle relations
•    Certification process
•    AND a lot of practice, testing, feedback and reflections


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14 days incl. certification
Undervisning kl. 9-18

Level 1

1. module the 23. - 25. April 2019
2. module the 28 - 29. May 2019
3. module the 28 - 29. June 2019

Level 2

4. module the 27 - 29. August 2019 
5. module the 8 - 9. October 2019
6. module the 20 - 21. November 2019

Place: EmpowerMind Danmark, Poppelgårdvej 7, 2. sal, 2860 Søborg